Conversational digital analysts powered by artificial intelligence

Are you ready for the digital transformation of your financial products?

All in the cloud

We offer your financial institution a customer-centric conversational AI platform to streamline different financial digital journeys and processes, communicating with your clients in a simple way and integrating your entire organization in real time.

Connect to a new level with your clients and staff

Transfer the manual and complex processes of your financial products such as data and document capture, analysis and decision to AI digital analysts; streamlining  end to end your financial product’s processes and making your staff faster and more efficient.

Your Client’s Biometric Digital ID and File

Client Digital onboarding incorporates proof of life, biometric, document identification capture, data and photo extraction and validation, and government entities validation.

Flexibility, speed and ease to design and deliver different financial business and consumer products.

Follow your customers’ digital journey in real time

Visualize each digital analyst’s analysis and decisions as well as your clients’ conversational chat to monitor their journey. Additionally, your CSR will have the option to assist in real time in the digital journey, when necessary.

All information is streamed in real time a data lake repository

A repository that stores all kinds of data, analysis, decision as independent and longitudinal events. Additionally, you can easily integrate different tools to create visualization models, reports and predictive models.

Power your digital products with automated, collaborative, and real-time processes